Sunday, August 5, 2012


A couple of post back I talked about some agony I faced regarding J's trip to Vegas. Just to briefly recap, J told me it was a guys trip, he gets there calls me and I discover females were invited and came. I know I said I put the upset behind me, but I'm gonna keep it real...I'm still mad. Joe Jackson. It's nice to front and be all "love, light, and forgiveness" but the whole thing doesn't sit right with me. Let's say I did the same thing. I tell him I'm going to Vegas with my girls and SURPRISE! It's dudes here too! I don't think he would be high fiving me. What I really want to know is why he didn't just say all this in the beginning. When you omit information it raises red flags. At least for me it does. We had a discussion about it but I got a vague answer about timeshares and upgrades, but no real answers. What's really eating me up is that making plans with him is an exercise in futility but anyone everyone else is priority. This is not the first time. There was a time during his "I'm really busy" phase I called him and he tells me he was at a day party with his homegirl. But when I asked him about getting together that day he said he had a graduation to go to and wasn't going to available. See why I'm so irritated? Even as I type this I can hear y'all saying "DROP HIS ASS!" but there is a part of me that feels like he wouldn't intentionally hurt me. Who knows, but what I am going to do is pray (REAL HARD) watch Oprah's Lifeclass and write....

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  1. I can understand your irritation. It's definitely warranted in this case. Communication is key and what I learned along this journey called marriage is that it should be priority. You never want to give somebody the wrong perception/assumption because you left out a few key facts in communicating. I wonder sometimes do we do it out of fear of confrontation? I just know its better to be upfront about everything so you leave your significant other with no doubts in their mind. Now if they still have an issue after being truthful to them then they need to be asking themselves why they feel the way they do.