Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts While Waiting

While waiting for my wax pot to warm up I guess I'll blog a bit...

I discovered why I feel all out of sorts. My surroundings were a mess. I practically live in my car (DC commuter life) and it showed. God only knows the last time it was vacuumed and my room was a mess too. I spent some time today cleaning out my car and organizing my house. I feel centered now. I am also going for an early morning run which I know is going to bring some balance back. I scoped out a route and it has everything I need. Distance and hills. To fight any excuses, I am sleeping in my running clothes so I can wake up and hit the door. I have to get back on track.

I am elated to report Chunkys dad is taking this paying child support thing serious. He calls every payday to make sure the money has arrived. I thank God for whatever convicted him to do the right thing. He even calls to tell Chunky goodnight. The latter is more important because I want them to have a relationship.

After a week off of school, my next mini session is starting. I'm proud that I am maintains my 3.5 with all that is going on around me.

Well, the wax is ready, and it's time for a little pain in exchange for beauty....good night!

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