Friday, January 7, 2011

And That's With NO Makeup On!!!!

It's another beautiful day at work! Sooooo let me tell you what happened to me this morning!!!! Picture it, navy base, and I am headed back to the connex box after making a run to McDonald's. I hear a voice call out behind me, "Miss, I know you." Now, y'all know I was making the stank face before turning around because isn't that ALWAYS the line? That is to pull you further in conversation and then you realize you don't know this person and they sure as hell don't know you. THIS was different. I turned around and saw this handsome sailor in his blue fatigues and I was searching for something in his face that looked familiar. He said, 'Your name is Victoria!" And then I was like, "Yes!! And you are....." and he said, "MiddleSchoolCrush!" (y'all know I don't use real Yoooooooooooooo.......can I just break down for a minute how I used to get my 12 year old LIFE from this guy?????? In the 6th grade, he was my sun, moon, and stars! Every slow jam, every angst-filled Boyz II Men song was dedicated to MiddleSchoolCrush. I remember having art class with him in the 7th grade, and I don't remember a damb thing that happened in that class except for the fact he sat beside me and I spent the entire time staring at his wave pattern. You talk about someone in love? I LURVED him. But, by the 8th grade I moved on to other teen aged angst and by high school (we went to different ones) he was a distant memory. Now fast forward 16 years later. I will say, the years have been VERY kind to MiddleSchoolCrush. He has gotten a little bigger (haven't we all?), but in that "I-lift-weights" kind of way, and you know I have already stalked his facebook page (don't judge) and yeah...he's official....when I was leaving the pier he told me to "inbox" him and I was doing the "running man"--internally. I have never smiled so hard in all of my life time. It was like 12 year old Vicky Page was living out all her dreams. So to all my little "ugly ducklings" (yup, I was one) waiting to turn into "swans" remember that dreams do come it 16 minutes or 16 can happen! Sooooo, my real question is what is the protocol? How long to I wait until I "inbox" him? I don't want to seem all 1992 with it....I think I will wait until tonight.....just enough time he doesn't think I just got back to work and said "eff my job, I gotta inbox MiddleSchoolCrush!" So now I wait...and look at his pictures on Facebook....xoxoxo!

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