Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Change, A Change.....

Happy Saturday Lovies!!!! Today was sheer awesomeness...I made a little money this morning, took Miss Beasley to get her hair done, and I got to hang out with The Mama. The Mama is the mama in the world....she saw that I was not feeling so good about myself (I have not had my brows waxed or nails done in 2 months) and she offered to treat me to getting my nails done and brows waxed. I must say, I feel A LOT better. The motto is true, "Look Good and Feel Better". After we left the nail salon, my tire flattened. The Mama used her Triple A to get my spare tire put on. I am not trippin, because the tires for my new car are a lot cheaper than the tires for the old one.

So, what is Miss Vickie Page up to tonight? I am putting the kids to bed early, getting some laundry knocked out and then "sippy sippy" I am getting organized since my move out date is coming up. This week I am going to start breaking out the boxes. I have been scouring websites for ideas on how to make this move as smooth as possible....if anyone knows any let me know! Nite Nite! xoxoxox

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