Saturday, January 1, 2011

Maybe I Am Just Getting Old....And That's Fine....

Happy New Year all!!! Last night was.....the good, the bad, and the ugly. I spent most of the night talking to my best friend (since 9th grade...get it into that), Red Velvet about the power of blogging and how writing helps get some of your emotions off your chest. Of course when me and Red Velvet get on that phone, we do one thing I have not done in a while. LAUGH. And I don't mean "giggles", I mean howling laughter! Our greatest form of comedy that day was my shipboard experience and how both of our sons had screams that would rival anybody's in a horror movie.

The bad? *long sigh* I remember when I used to be an avid reader of a young ladies blog, and she would often have problems with people holding her blog content against her. I want to say this, about my blog. It is not facebook, it is not twitter. This is a place where I can put everything I am feeling that the world will not let me say. By "world" I mean, I spend all day where I am filtered and uncensored and I just need a place to get some of that "buildup" off my chest. So with that being said, this is my life uncensored and I am not going to make any apologizes or feel sorry for anything I say on here. I own it. Another, note.....I am going to look into privacy features today because I heard the link was being passed around to my blog and "The Friend" seems to have gotten a hold of it......niiiiiiiccccceeee. But I'm not apologizing for my feelings to him either (it's 2011 bitches!!!), I just give 'em the *Kanye Shrug* and keep it moving.

So, I didn't get wasted last night, I am not gonna lie: at 8:30, I was ready to go to bed. The only reason I stayed up is because Miss Beasley wanted to see the ball drop and I was gonna oblige her. But to be honest, Miss Beasley spent most of her night looking at movies, sipping chocolate milk and then decided to join me at around 11:56....We watched rang in the New Year together and I teared up as I hugged her, remembering the very first New Years I spent with her. She was only a few weeks old, would not go to sleep and I remember hugging her tight and welcoming her to the world.

Well, I am up and ready to kick ass in 2011, and apparently my son is too as he has just pulled a bunch of books off my bookshelf.....xoxoxo!

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