Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comfort and Honesty

Today I freed myself and chopped off all my relaxed hair. It left me with about an inch of beautiful hair all the way around. Can I tell you all how liberating it was to take a shower tonight sans shower cap? This is not my first time on the natural wagon. In 2006 I did a big chop and in two years time I had a beautiful Afro. I made the horrible decision to relax my hair. I became chained to relaxers until I recently started working out and figured it would be easier with natural hair. I must also state I was influenced by all the gorgeous natural hair I see every Saturday at BGR.

I have to share the shenanigans that I participated in this weekend. If you have seen me on Facebook you saw I was sporting some wet and wavy action. That was a half wig I had since my hair was too short for a sew-in. Since I was going out of town to see J I was nervous. What is sexy about pulling off your hair at the end of the night? You might when you've been together for a minute. What we have is kinda new so I did not want to pull a "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka". So I kept the wig on. All. Weekend. It was so oppressive. So today while we were talking I came clean and told him about the wig. Turns out he likes my short hair. I could tell because the wig seemed like it was in the damn way during cuddle time. It was nice to be honest and even better to not be judged.

I am starting to lose steam in my quest for my CCNA cert. I have so many outside stuff going that I feel like I'm not catching on. So Monday night I made a dream board. I cut out pictures of what I dreamed my life would be like. There's pictures of a married couple in front of a huge home, a beach in Costa Rica, and much more. I have to do this. I know if I just do what needs to be done everything else will fall into place. This is not the time to fall off...victory is in reach and Miss Page is claiming it!

Speaking of studying, time to get back to it! xoxoxo

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