Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bitter and the Sweet

Things are progressing at a wonderful pace with J. Not too fast, not too slow. Like Baby Bear's chair it's just right. He keeps me smiling and he's attentive and the affection and interest is reciprocal. I was planning my trip this weekend with a complete list of everything we were going to do. Guess what? We are burning the itinerary. Miss Page is going to enjoys the feeling of a man planning date for her. I am learning to let go of my fears of things not being perfect and learning spontaneity and how to have fun with out an agenda. I trust his planning abilities and I know I will not end up spending the weekend eating hot wings while watching him play PlayStation. This feels good.

I got my IUD today and it wasn't bad AT ALL! I was nervous like a hoe in church when I was sitting on that table. Everything went great, and the worst of the pain was a mild cramping that last for all of 30 minutes. What was really dope was when the nurse gave me a card stating I would be protected from pregnancy until 2/2022. Man by that time Miss Beasley will be in college and Chunk will be in middle school. The only way this sucker is getting removed is if I get married to a real deal husband and we are BOTH financially secure to take care of another child.

In the world of divorce, I signed off on the complaint and when I did that, I knew them former in-laws of mine would come calling. I opened by facebook inbox today my former brother in law messaged me about what a bad person I am for "keeping Chunk from his father." I am not keeping Chunk away from him, his father stays away because he has a warrant for failure to pay and he's trying not to get caught. I didn't entertain the ignorance flowing out of his mouth and kept it moving. I am happy to be away from the drama that is that family, but the whole exchange left me real mad, real mad, Joe Jackson. I headed off to the Y after work and banged out 1.5 miles on the treadmill and weight trained for 15 minutes. Problem solved. I shook off my frustration and went back to the business of my life.

Well my CCNA study guide is calling my name so I better get on it.......xoxoxoxo

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