Monday, February 6, 2012

Google Me

Today I learned the dark side of having too much information. Anyone who knows me, knows I do thorough research before I do anything. Well, I am getting an IUD on Wednesday and after researching the Para Gard for a minimum of 100 hours, I had to tackle the installation process. I typed in "IUD insertion" and initially I recieved some awesome info and tips on how to make it less painful. But I wasn't satistfied. I headed over to youtube where I type in the same phrase. This is where shit went left. I clicked on a video which opened with a live image of a cervix on the screen. I always wondered what my cervix looked like and today I got an answer. What I saw next caused my soul to try to leave my body. This poor cervix was first opened by a small woodedn popsicle stick, then some creepy thing with teeth on each side held it open. If that wasnt enough, then a thin metal rod was placed, that held the IUD and then slid back out. There were strings hanging and then those got cut and finally a small trickle of blood. See, y'all? I almost died watching this! I'm scared as hell now. I'm going on my lunch break for the insertion and I pray I can finish off my work day. The lesson: too much information can be bad for you.

I went to work out this afternoon and discovered all the treadmills were in use. I was crushed. I had my whole workout planned and I didn't know what to do. I ran into the first lady from the church I was a member of and she started talking me into joing her at the Zumba class that was starting in ten minutes. I reluctantly agreed, because I have gotten set in my ways about my workout. Once I was five minutes into it, I realized Zumba is my new everything! It was high energy and I felt so sexy swayin my hips to the merengue that played every few routines. Plus I was covered in sweat to that made feel even better. I am learning a lot of lessons this year about stepping out of my comfort zone. I am missing opportunities because I am too busy trying to "stick to the script." It's time to shake off my fears and startbliving!

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  1. I would plan on going home afterward. I got one last June and I had cramping for a few days, and definitely right afterwards.