Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birds of Paradise

Today, I was off for half of the day and decided to museum hop with a friend who came to the DMV for business. The first stop was the National Geographic Museum, which I never knew existed until I heard about the Birds of Paradise exhibit. Fun fact: I love Birds of Paradise,the bird and the flower. If I ever decide to get married again, I want those flowers in my wedding. I was fascinated for weeks in cosmetology school looking at a color placement that would make the hair look like the Birds of Paradise. Next favorite flower next to orchids. Long story short, I was going to learn and get my life. This was an aviary exhibit and I must say the birds were beautiful. I would love to see them in their natural habitat one day. I learned that the male birds have all these cool little dances and things they do for mating season and they are even shapeshifters. The next stop was to a sushi bar owned by The Donovan House(who I heard in the summer, has a really nice rooftop bar), called Zentan. The food was AMAZING! It's a sushi restuarant with a very warm but contemporary decor. My friend ordered the oysters with some kind of caviar relish I went with the spicy scallop roll. The food was really fresh and the cocktails were delicious. I had a really great day today. I need the broadening of my horizons and good conversation.

I was in "writers mode" and took some notes for some freelance work. I am checking a few calendars at some nature publications and I will sumbit them on spec. See, you can work and have fun too.

Well after all the walking and the like, I am going to crawl into this warm bed and pinch myself.....xoxo!

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