Monday, December 3, 2012


Greetings everyone!!!!  As you may have noticed, blogging is at an all time low around here, as I have gotten super busy in different aspects of my life.  The biggest and best news that I have is that I have some freelance assignments lined up for the newspaper in my area.  Most of the assigments will be entertainment and nightlife based, so it won't be anything too intense.  This means I need to do some intense work on my writing skills, especially bringing my articles to a conclusion (a very weak point for me).  I found some workshops in the area that I plan to attend.  The suggestion was also made that I look into picking up technical writing freelance work as well.  Technical writing pays well, but it is a creative drain. I am just grateful for progress and options right now.

Motherhood these days is proving to be very interesting as my children are changing and growing.  Miss Beasley is turning into a pre-teen before my very eyes and I AM NOT READY Y'ALL!!!!  Saturday morning I detected some moodiness and I asked her what was wrong.  Her reply? "I am annoyed." Annoyed. Where is my happy, playful 2 year old????  Who is this "annoyed" child in my house??? I need answers.  On the other hand my son is finally potty trained (day and night trained) and he has turned into a little chatterbox.  I remember when he was two, I was concerned because he was not saying the amount of words recommened by the pediatrician.  I worried my mama to death about his speech, or lack thereof.  I am proud to say that Chunky talks from sun up to sun down, much to my chagrin. 

I wish I had time to write more, but this stack of work on my desk is calling me......xoxo!

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