Sunday, December 16, 2012

Venting Session: Volume 1 Chapter 1

I need to vent, so here goes:

I am frustrated AS HELL with J right now. I have no idea what has happened to my relationship, but somehow, we have regressed into "something" where we only see each other at night and if he wants to see me. Of course, I want to see my boyfriend so I am picking times that are just not acceptable. But it's either that or I won't see him at all. The whole thing is starting to feel one sided. If I try to make plans I get a maybe or cancelled on. I am particularly sensitive about this because J was talking to me a few weeks back and he mentioned how one of the females he hangs with is funny about picking up the check when they go out to eat. Pause. Let that marinate in your spirit. I am over here taking what little time I can get, but can go to brunch with her? FOH! J stated today that he didn't feel I was happy and he may be right, or this may be another "I'm fixing to dump you, and this is my way to make it about you." Oh I have had that game ran on me before, so I know what it looks like. Reciprocity has turned into a tug of war.....

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