Thursday, December 27, 2012

Binders Full of Women

Very Smart Brothas- "Can We Be Best Friends?"

I found this over at the Very Smart Brothas blog and found it very interesting for the station I am in life.  J, has a TON of "female friends."  They are EVERYWHERE y'all.  I refer to them as his "harem" or "binder full of women."  There is a real estate agent, a cake maker, several models, and some partridges in a pear tree.  J has women y'all.  Anywho, I am always questioning how he is friends with half of the female population of DC and California and not one of these women have tried to cross the line.  I want to see the receipts.  Maybe it is because my interactions with my male friends have always been the opposite.  I have yet to have a male friend who has not at least made an attempt to push things over the friend line.  My bigger question is, if they try to push things over the friend line, can they still be called a friend? 

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