Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Better Days

Today has been a most excellent day. J and I talked last this morning about yesterday's events and we're good. The lesson learned is: In order to move forward, I am going to need to leave some of my Louis Vuitton trunks behind. No, really. When we react based on past hurt, guess who wins? The person who hurt you. I'm not letting ghosts of boyfriends past kill my future.

I am proud to announce that I am blogging whilst wearing a pair of size 10 pants....that aren't tight. *throws glitter* Hitting my weight loss goals feels amazing! Most importantly my knee is feeling relief from the loss of 16 pounds. I still need help with my eating habits. In due time....

In Relocation 2012 news, I knocked down another thing fromy "to do" list. I found a few daycares for Chunky and the prices differ only a small amount. What I was looking for was availability. I did not want to be all last minute and get hit with the two words I hate: waiting list. So I have options, which is a good thing. Hopefully when I come back this time I will have a solid answer from the Hospital, if not the Fairfax job is still on and I'm still sending resumes.....I'm focused.

Well time to sneak in some studying before the magic hour.....peace.

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