Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visualization and Fruition

I was invited back for the second round of testing for the job in Northern Virginia! I got the email tonight and I am ELATED!!!!! With this elation, I have some trepidation, because this is all happening so fast. I knew there was a possibility, but I didn't know it would come so soon. It's funny, because a few nights ago I dreamt I was there and my children were laughing, and playing.....and I was enjoying them. My bills were paid and we had extra and I didn't have to say "no" all the time. My career was blossoming and so was I. I want this so bad. I know it is popular opinion that I have been dickmatized (lol) and I'm moving to be closer to J, but that couldn't be further from the truth. J and I always had an understanding that we were in a long distance relationship and we would talk relocation as we progressed. Moving is bigger than that. This is my chance to make things better for myself and my kids. I wouldn't have to be so reliant on the child support that I get. This is about my freedom. I hate calling every two weeks to double check to see if "he's sent the money." I'm excited.....even if this isn't it, it's given me confidence to keep pushing. Tonight though, I'm celebrating by sipping a little wine and watching a documentary about the struggles of opening a new restaurant. What a wonderful day this has been.....

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