Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random: Brain Dump Vol.1

* I cannot study fast enough for this CCNA. While I love learning, this stuff is dry....but when I get down, I think about my bank account having six digits without the decimal....lol

* The running struggle is real. I have two weeks until the 5k. At this point, my goals are to have fun and to do my best. This week I am running EVERYDAY so I can get my stamina up.

*My hair is....it just is....lol. I am really ready to get past TWA status. Right now I am in a in between phase and I am just waiting for enough length for a little braid out. Patience and the Digital Curls blog is what I have been using to keep me on track.

* My NOVA job search is going well. I'm getting positive feedback, but im still feeling like Memphis Bleek--one hit away. Again, patience is key here.

* I miss J. I know this is cliche, but he's more than my man, he's my friend. I feel comfortable talking to him and we just have a good time together and he keeps me smiling.

* I am going to call Direct Tv and ask can I just get the WE channel because apparently these days all I'm watching is Frasier reruns....and that's fine.

*Marshmallow Peeps are everything.

* It's funny how I became a better  cook in a year. While at J's I made macaroni and cheese and banana pudding. I am gonna toot my own horn and say I put it down! Extreme sidenote: We went to Wegmans and got this crazy expensive wild caught salmon and it was EVERYTHING!

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