Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double For Your Trouble

I'm twirling y'all! I have been preparing the last week for the public safety testing on Friday and it's been stressful. Combine that with PMS and training for the 5k next weekend (yikes!), it's safe to say I have a full plate. Today my hormones got the best of me and I went all emo this morning. I know y'all saw it on Facebook lol. So while I was caught up in emotions taking me over, I got a call from a University Hospital in DC about an interview. My frown was turned upside down immediately! So my Friday is going to be nothing but grind. The hospital position is a panel interview and I'm a little nervous, but I remember what my sister said: "They called you obviously they are interested so if any thing they should be nervous." I'm feeling extra blessed right now. What started as a thought is now in motion. I called a real estate agent today to start finding some places that are available. The rent should only be 200-300 more a month, but my salary increase will more than enough.

I want to ask all my ladies how do you deal with PMS? I don't like the person I become one week out of the month. J is understanding, but after awhile it's going to put a strain on things.

What started as a frustrating day has turned into one of positivity. Time for some shut eye because after I get off work, I'm hitting 95 with success and loving( hey I'm human) on my mind...good night!

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