Sunday, April 22, 2012


* I follow Beyonce's tumblr. It's not so much for her, I just think her and Jay-Z have such a cute relationship and it's nice to see her in a different format

* I am addicted to Gold Canyon ( Google it). The scents are AMAZING and my pod warmer is EVERYTHING!

*I'm STILL eating marshmellow peeps....feel free to stand in judgment lol

*I am my own worst critic

* I need to get my behind back in church. If I knew the Word, I wouldn't be so quick to fall apart or get angry.

* My baby sister is embarking on something big and I am so happy for her! Love is beautiful when you find that right one.

*  My diet and my training don't match up. I am working on getting into the mindset that food is fuel and if I want my runs to progress it's not going to happen on a steady diet of half and half and all fried everything. Mission for the month of May: Try tofu and start crossfit (yikes!)

* I need to get used to being in a couple. Foreign Exchange is playing the Capitol Jazz festival and I made plans to go solo because typically men I have dated before never had any interest of doing anything that required no more than netflix and Chinese takeout. So I made lone ranger plans. Well J let me know he felt some kind of way I didn't ask. I really need to change my thinking because hindsight, I know he would enjoy and he wants to enjoy it WITH. Miss Page. it

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