Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time After Time

Today was an emotional roller coaster. Interview jitters set in, along with some other issues and I became a weepy wreck in the privacy of my office. J immediately picked up on it and he gave me a pep talk and basically reminded me that God is still on the throne and that he believed in me. It made me feel good that I could drop my "everything is fine" facade and be 100% honest. It was comforting to have a safe place to express myself. I'm telling y'all, I picked a winner. Needless to say I got back to business and began to do what I have always believed. The power of life and death is in the power of your own younger, I am am speaking my relocation and that position into existence.

After a four day absence from running I returned today with a little trepidation . I was worried that I would hop on the treadmill and the winded, broke down runner that I was in the beginning. The devil is a liar! Honey lambs, I DESTROYED that run!!! Around the 1.25 mile I began to catch "that feeling" and I was up to 4.1 mph and running a 14 minute mile pace. I threw EVERYTHING I had into that run. I felt amazing when I finished and a lot of my anxiety melted away. Running has now become a permanent part of my life.

Before I close for the night, I want to make a PSA. Coke Zero is the devil in a black dress. I thought because it was a diet soda it was caffeine free. I keep a stash in my desk at work and would consume about four cans during my work day. Monday I ran out of them and around lunch time I got the headache from hell. This headache lasted for three days and finally I called my doctor and got a prescription for fioricet. The fioricet worked, but I wanted to know what happened to cause these headaches. I never thought about caffeine withdrawal because coke zero couldn't possibly have caffeine because it's diet. Wrong. I scoured the label and saw nothing stating they were caffeine free. Needless to say, I will not be consuming and more sodas. Water with the occasional squirt of Mio is ok for me.

Well tomorrow is Friday and I am ready to kick back, enjoy Easter with my kids, see J and whoop tail in my interview! Good night and God bless!

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