Friday, April 13, 2012

One Day It Will All Make Sense

First let me say to Baby Sister and Red Velvet: I saw where y'all called and I am going to call back in the morning when I am in a better place. I love you two :)

Today has been hell. I just wish I could have hit the reset button. The morning started out ok, but after 8:20 shit went left. I love where I work but I have a huge problem when management blurs the line with fraternizing with their staff. There are issues that need to be dealt with and my manager is more interested in going to happy hour with my co-worker. Normally I don't care about things like this but it's killing the morale in my department.

Facebook and that little side newsfeed is the devil. A level 10 Mariah Carey moment almost ensued. That is all I will say about that.

My mama is not on board with the NOVA move and she is letting me know by giving me all the shade she can serve. It shouldn't bother me but it does and I can't help it. I support the things she wants to do but I don't get the same. Surprisingly,  my dad and sister have been supportive and have cheered me on.

Tomorrow I am going to have to do something that is going to test my humility.  In this past month I have learned that my possessions do not make me. If I have to make an adjustment to keep from going under financially, then so be it. I AM ENOUGH!

So I all of these things and the emotions that came with them crept into my space and turned me into a Stinkmeaner-Kid Cudi hybrid. I was crying in my car on the way home but I also felt like beating a car with an umbrella whilst hurling obscenities.

The only bright spot in this day is I wore a pair of size 10 pants and they were not tight. So there's the silver lining... I guess.

I am praying tomorrow is a better day because today was just too damn much.

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