Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I first want to thank everyone for their concern. Moving to a new place was a lot more emotionally difficult than usual. But last night I cried my last tear about that. I'm here, this is what I wanted and prayed for and I am going to enjoy it! This morning I got up and ran for the first time in 20 days and felt AMAZING! My mission this weekend is to find a trail close to home so I can run after work (no YMCA in my area). To keep myself busy I have signed up to volunteer at some kind of race almost every weekend. Some other news I forgot to share is I signed up to start classes this summer so I can get a degree in contract management and procurement. I just need to stay busy...

Chunky LOVES his new daycare! He comes home everyday with a new song or word that he has learned. He's also on his way to being potty trained!

I talked to Miss Beasley last night and that is what started the flowing of emotions. I miss her so much....I can't wait until school is out so she can come up. It doesn't feel right unless BOTH of my babies are with me.

Well today is certainly shaping up to be a better day....and I am so grateful!

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