Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keeps Getting Better....

<p>First, I want to welcome a new reader to my blog.....Heeeeeyyyyy Mama Page!!!! Yes, my mom called me to tell me she reads my blog. Nothing will change, it's still uncensored....because I'm 31, lol.

Right at this moment, being a mother to a two year old is trying my patience. I feel like I'm Celie and he's Mister. Do you know he waits outside the bathroom door for me while I shower? If it's been to long he starts yelling, "You done Mama?" The public meltdowns are the worse though. It feels as if everyone is staring at you. I think this is karma for the days when I was the mother to an exceptionally well behaved two year old (Miss Beasley) and I would look at the mother who's toddler was having a tantrum and think, "How dreadful." Judge, lest you be judged.

I'm looking forward to today. I'm hanging out with Hazel and hopefully J and I can catch up with each other tonight.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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