Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in the Trap.....

The educational trap that is. I'm going to confess, I have slacked waaaaay off in my CCNA studies. So tonight, after I put the boy to bed, I'm getting back on the grind. I have to remember getting up here was only one part of the bigger plan to have an IT career. I haven't forgot about that!

My hair is FINALLY long enough for two strand twist. It takes me awhile but my 'fro is so pretty afterwards.

I never got the Botox. I'm still cute and my 150 was spent in a better way. Plus I think what I really need is a few months of facials and I'll be good to go!

Next week I am going to start a detox to help rid my body of impurities and maybe this will help my skin and improve my eczema flare up I am having. Speaking of feeling good, in the world of running, I went on a run on Monday morning and the hills up here are FOR REAL! Where I live there are no flat places, just inclines and declines. I will say this, I will be a BEAST on flat ground and my legs are gonna be the business.

Well, off to study, study, study.....

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