Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am tired so I am going to make this kind of short.

In my quest to be a "good girl", I started taking my celexa again and while I felt it "kick in" this week, the last few weeks I have had a side effect that has been a gift and a curse. Loss of appetite. I probably eat a half of a meal all day. It's not because I want to it's just don't have the desire. J and I went out to eat and I believe I ate one whole bite of my chicken sandwich. I am losing weight, I'm 147, but this wasn't the way I wanted to do it. So hopefully this is just a passing side effect.

A few days ago, me, J, and his brother went running and after running a mile, J challenged me to a race for approximately 100 yards. I immediately KNEW I had it in the bag. I would have betted my kids I was gonna win, that's how confident I was. Well.....I was in the lead for about 5 seconds, and then.....I was looking at the back of J's head. Whomp whomp whomp. I got dusted off by my man, who does not run--at all. It's ok though because a rematch is in the works! We are both competitive, so this should be interesting.

Well, it's time to burn the midnight oil studying and then off to bed!

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