Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Redemption Song

Today made totally made up for the shenanigans earlier this week. Most of all I am grateful to God for second chances and for loving me when I didn't even love me!

I am most excited about an application that I an in process of getting developed. I reconnected with a friend from home who writes programs and applications and I am currently writing up all the specs. I don't want to say what type of app but it will be dope.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE music!!!! Even though I am not the best singer I love singing, it's like writing....theraputic. Today during Chunky's bath I found myself giving raw emotion to the mirror. I SANG Marvin Gaye's "Keep you Satisfied." I love that song. The way the emotion of his words just floated over the strings and drums....beautiful.

I promise to not never relax my hair again. The poor hairline is suffering from "scab hair" so it has no kink to it. Makes me wanna holler. But the rest of my hair is growing!

Well I have work notes and ish to study and I AM going to bed at a decent hour and not making love on the phone like a sad teenager.

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