Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God Bless the Child...

Today has been a loooooong day! My morning was going pretty cool at first. I was making love to my iced coffee, lol minding my business, my phone rang, I answered, and reindeer games began to commence. I am not gonna put all that out up here, but I learned today that nobody should have to argue or cuss over what they know to be theirs. You say he's dating you? Cool. Why call me and yell all in my ear. If he's "your man" why fuss? I am certainly not going to raise my pressure trying to stroke anyone's ego. I hung up, counted backwards from 100 and focused on how blessed I am, looked around my office and remembered the phrase, "What is for me is for me. Like that I got back to the business of making money :)

I had a very relaxing weekend. Saturday I hung with Hazel, Sunday I hung out with J. We went to a cookout at the home of a couple he used to work with and I had a ball. It was nice to talk to some other mothers and trade stories and tips. Certainly a great time.

Because I played hard yesterday I was exhausted today, so I'm going to bed dumb early, so I get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Productivity never felt so good....

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