Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

I woke up this morning to a rack of Happy Father's day text. I appreciate the love, but I'm not a father. Do I do the work of two and a half people (Miss Beasley's dad operates at 50%)? You damn right, but I can never fill that father role for either of my children. You know how I know? I have already documented here that I have a poor relationship with my dad, and as I have gotten older I see where that caused damage. My mom was a KICK ASS mom. But for all her love, and encouragement I still wanted to know my dad loved me and was proud of me. I didn't get that and still don't so that's one of those voids I spoke about previously that will probably go unfilled forever.

My daughter has some contact with her dad and she has her Pop Pop wrapped around her finger, so her male roles are plentiful, but I worry for my son. I could not text his daddy if I wanted to right now because he is busy evading child support, and that's fine. I am grateful for the male figures that are in his life and they all have had a positive effect on him.

So to all my fathers out there, enjoy your day!

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