Sunday, June 3, 2012


Two in a day y'all!

I was sitting here thinking about what do you do when your needs are not being met. We all have certain requirements and things that we may want or need out of life. This can be physical, emotional, catch my drift. When those needs are not being met, we often tend to stop going to the empty source and turn to the source that is going to give us what we need or want. Today has been a turning point for me. There are some places in me that are depleted emotionally and I have been running to an empty source to get them filled. I am not saying J is empty, but I realized today that I should not look to a man, or any other person to fulfill what I have been missing. It all starts with me. When I was dating myself (y'all remember that?) I wasn't emotionally depleted because the love and affection I needed came from me and the love of God. Today I decided that I need to get back to THAT place. The place where I didn't care who was calling me or taking me on a date because I had me. So with that being said I am taking a little sabbatical to rediscover Miss Page, because I have lost myself in a mission to be loved. I never wanted to be that girl that clung so tightly to the idea of the fairy tale that I would mute my real feelings in an attempt to capture the dream. What good is winning the "lotto" when it wasn't the real you who won it?

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