Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PMS: A Day in the Life Part 2

*turns down Fantasy on my Hello Kitty boom box*

It's the most magical week in the month!

4:00am: Woke up, turned on Pandora. "Love on Top" plays. Weep in the shower. I remember when my love was on top *pout*

4:15am: Marvin Sapp radio. I'M FEELING GREAT! I remember the message from Sunday. Proceed to beat my face while sanging!

5:30am: Wake the boy up. Awwww he looks like he did when he was a baby. Tears. Lots of tears. Makeup needs reapplying. Thank God for HD powder.

6:15am: In traffic. Tom Joyner morning show. "Love on Top." I want to do an epic *side of car slide* but I don't want to be hit by a car on 95...or maybe I do...

6:17am: Turn on UGK. My inner thug is pleased.

7:00am: DUNKIN EFFIN DONUTS!!!! This iced coffee, hoe! My mouth is happy *pause*

That brings y'all up to speed. I found a GYN in my office building and I have an appointment next month. I wonder if it's the IUD. If it is, I want it removed immejiatley! Because I KNOW that I know J is tired of the PMS reindeer games, I am gonna hold off on contact until my emotions are together. Well time to kick off my work day!

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