Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Today I had my first happy conversation with my mom since I got here. It murked my inner thug, but I understand she's trying to help me not hurt me. In addition I learned that people can't help you if you let your pride choke you. Mama Page will always be my main dame!

I have been on a mission to keep it real with myself. Lying to myself has lead me down a lot of roads that could have been avoided if I had just kept it "one hunnid" (yep that just happened). I suck at the art of preparation. Short term goals, I'm a beast. When it comes to long term goal preparation I suck. Just plain messy. I had things to do in the last three weeks and I'm gonna keep it honest, I squandered ALL that time. I tried to squeeze three weeks of work into two days. That's no good. I'm too old for those bald headed reindeer games. I am going to reach out to my sister and J regarding long term planning skills.

My running has fallen all the way off! I ran a paltry half a mile today. That was no good. I have been using the hilly nature of my new environment as an excuse, but surprise surprise I got my copy of Runners World today and there was a subsection on tips for dealing with hills. Problem solved.

I am back on the path of self improvement and looking to continue becoming a better Miss Page!

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